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COULD YOU WIN $1,000,000?

©2022 Isobella Cune

MrBeast is an American YouTube star, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Also known as Jimmy Donaldson, MrBeast is known for his YouTube stunts that give large sums of money away to friends or charity.

He is considered the pioneer of philanthropic YouTube stunt videos. He is also one of the highest-paid YouTubers on the planet.

In 2020 he earned $24 million from his YouTube channel, merchandise sales and sponsorships with brands like Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

Recently MrBeast recreated Squid Game and gave away $456,000 to the winner.

In this study we researched 2 factors.

1. The Chance that a person has to Win MrBeast's most difficult game so far.

2. The Extraordinary Odds of being chosen to participate in the first place.

Let's investigate by looking at the Top Highest-Paying Games to date.



4) Hit the Target Win $300,000

In one of his recent videos, MrBeast came up with multiple

scenarios where the participants had to hit their targets to win cash prizes.

The final game consisted of five participants who had a chance to win $300,000

if one of them managed to hit a half-court shot on a basketball court.

Luckily, the final player managed to win the prize.



3) Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000

In September 2021, MrBeast put a total of 100 people inside a giant red circle.

The challenge for the hundred people was to stay in the circle for as long as possible, and the last person to get out won the $500,000 prize.


2) Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It

One of Jimmy's most successful videos to date,

the "Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps It", was filmed just over a year ago.

The millionaire bought an entire island which was valued at around $800,000,

to be given away as the prize to the winner.

The video revolved around the contestants surviving a series of

challenges and not getting eliminated off the island.



1) Guess the Combination for $1,000,000

But the highest-paying challenge is also the most difficult so far.

MrBeast gave people the chance to win $1,000,000 if they guessed

the values of 3 hidden dice and 1 hidden Playing Card.


So could you win $1,000,000 from MrBeast?

Here are the Odds...

  • Out of 88.9 million YouTube Subscribers, 49 million people tried to enter.

  • Only 10 people were asked to play the game itself.

Before the game even starts, an ordinary subscriber has a 0.00002% chance of being selected in the first place.

  • In the game you would need to guess the value of 1 card in a deck of 52 and the values of 3 hidden dice.

The Chance of that happening are 1 in 11232 (or 1 in 52x6x6x6)

Therefore, each of the 10 people had a 0.008% chance of winning

The combination they had to guess is in the photo below

However - it's so hard No-one has won it... Yet.

In fact, you'd have to be incredibly lucky to be entered - let alone win.


The more he gives away, the more money he makes!


It is estimated that the American YouTuber makes $76.9K – $1.2M per month and around $922.4K – $14.8M annually through his YouTube channels.


Forbes also tagged his channel as one of the most popular and most viewed channels in 2019 and 2020. MrBeast also earns money by endorsing several products

In his true Philanthropic acts, Jimmy Donaldson is also:

  • The founder of MrBeast Burger

  • Co-Creator of Team Trees which has raised $23 million

  • MD for Team Seas and Ocean Clean Up which raised $30million

  • Owner of Beast Philanthropy - which gives away 100% of its proceeds to Food Banks












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