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which is The most popular star on the walk of fame?

©2021 Argustus et Al
This is the MOST VISITED Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (by over 300%)

Our researchers are attempting to discover the reason for this popularity.

Although 2708 stars exist on Hollywood Boulevard, this exact star is the one most visitors choose to stop and photograph

(according to photo uploads recorded by Google, Shutterstock and Getty Images)

At time of writing (16/11/21) we estimate that it would take roughly 4 hours to take the entire Walk of Fame - Why then do SO MANY people choose to take and upload a photo of this star rather than others? 

The Star (pictured above) is almost identical to all others, made of the same Terazzo and Brass - and even though the actual Hollywood stars' placement on popularity profiles online seems to fluctuate regularly; photo uploads remain 300% higher than any other star on the Walk of Fame.


Our researchers have made the inference that it might be due to the specific location of this particular tile on the strip, and it's proximity to other points of interest - but this remains only a supposition at this time.

Check the Location of this Walk of Fame Star here.

Yet another strange similarity that humans seem to share discovered by our researchers at OxfordResearch.Online

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