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Number 1 for travelLers

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serengeti hits top spot

As the world opens up again after COVID, travellers are regaining their wanderlust; and recent polls have surprisingly reaped some interesting results.

The Serengeti National Park has hit the Top Spot in our survey for tourists seeking true adventure (Condé Nast / Escapist / Jetsetter)

Many interviewees freely cited an "instinctive need" for "wilderness" and "wide open space" as a direct influence for their choice.(1)


call of the wild

This region of Africa is located in North Tanzania and extends to southwestern Kenya. The Serengeti encompasses the national park and several protected game reserves maintained by the governments of Tanzania and Kenya

Altitudes range from 3,20 feet to 6,070 feet (920 metres to 1,850 metres)

The region hosts the largest mammal migration in the world - A mass movement where up to 2 million grazing animals trek over 800km each year; where Wilderbeest, Zebra and Gazelles attract all kinds of hungry predators such as Lions, Hyena and Leopards.

One of the last true natural wonders of the world, the Serengeti has a fascinating draw in the imagination of people we interviewed.


So much so that 83% of holidaymakers surveyed honestly felt that ticket and accommodation prices 25% higher than other popular destinations were entirely reasonable.

No wonder then that this vast ecosystem in East-Central Africa spanning 12,000 square miles is felt to provide such a important sense of freedom and adventure at this time in world history.


After all the immense 'Serengeti' gives rise to its name which is derived from the Masai language as "Endless Plain".

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