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Calculator Study

©2011 Boresal / Felippe

What is so Special about this Number?

Recent Research has shown that when 4 different people input a 2 Digit Number into a Calculator and Multiply it 93% of the time one particular number is returned... 25,672,192.

Our researchers discovered in this in the Oxford laboratory - perplexed by the continuity of results they took it upon themselves to test the peculiarity of the number on the streets.


In Manchester, Liverpool and Market Harborough 3 teams of researchers approached groups of people in cafe's and restaurants across the local urban areas.


341 groups were tested; the resulting number appeared an alarming number of times - 93% of the groups analyzed arrived at the same calculation.



So what could be causing this strange consistent pattern in results?


  • Is it the dynamic of the groups involved?

  • Is it the influence of the researcher present?

  • Is that the same identical type of calculator was used in every test?

  • Or is it something far more sinister?

The 4 people in each group could have chosen from a range of 90 2-digit numbers.

The chances of all of them selecting identical numbers is astronomical.

Perhaps people of certain age groups are drawn to particular numbers - we know from past research that the most popular numbers between 1 - 100 are in turn, 37 and 73.

The script used by the researchers were identical - and they did all overtly mention that other groups had also arrived at this peculiar number. It is entirely possible that so Hive Mind effect is in play (See 100th Monkey Principle)

Perhaps the physical calculator buttons had a part to play - as you will know the number 5 on calculators and keyboards has a dimple which may set it apart from others and make it more attractive as a choice.

In conclusion; it is almost impossible to know accurately why this strange occurrence has cropped up so many times in short succession - but rest assured research will continue until new discoveries are made.

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